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Discover the World’s 11 Most Breathtaking Lakes

There’s nothing more magical than witnessing the calm and quiet beauty of nature. These gorgeous lakes might make it seem like time is standing still. They’ll enchant you with their spectrum of colors and stunning surroundings.

They showcase some of the world’s most exceptional water scenery and are found in many corners of the earth, From Canada to China and Pakistan to Peru. 

If you’re looking for unique bucket list ideas for travel lovers, consider adding some of these locations to your next adventure.

1. Crater Lake, Oregon

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Crater Lake is a volcanic crater lake and the deepest lake in the US. It’s located in the state of Oregon, about a four-hour drive from Portland. This awe-inspiring body of water is famous for its rich blue color and transparency. 

2. Lake Powell, Utah, and Arizona

lake powell
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Lake Powell is a stunning man-made reservoir that straddles Utah and Arizona. It attracts millions of visitors every year with its abundance of water-themed activities, such as boating, fishing, waterskiing, and swimming. 

The water stays pretty warm in the summer, making this season the most popular time to visit. 

3. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and California

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Image from Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. It formed during the Ice Age, which means it’s been around for millions of years. The water is so clear that you can see straight to the bottom in many areas. 

4. Lake Minnewanka, Canada

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Image from Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

Lake Minnewanka is one of Canada’s stunning lakes. It’s found in Banff National Park, surrounded by the captivating Canadian Rockies. 

This gorgeous glacial lake attracts visitors year-round. In winter, the large body of water freezes over and turns into a stunning natural ice skating rink. 

5. Moraine Lake, Canada

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Image from John Lee on Unsplash

Moraine Lake is another jaw-dropping glacier-fed lake in Banff National Park. The waters change with the season, from a deep blue hue to a vivid shade of turquoise. It’s a picture postcard of unspoiled beauty surrounded by steep mountain peaks. 

6. Emerald Lake, Canada

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Image from Hayden Scott on Unsplash

Emerald Lake is located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada. This freshwater lake has a beautiful bluish-green color created by the sun reflecting off of the Mari (a white calcium carbonate clay) on the bottom of the lake. 

7. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

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Image from Giorgia Romiti on Unsplash

Laguna Colorada is a salt lake in Bolivia’s Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. The lake’s striking red tint is due to algae and red sediments in the water. 

It’s known for being home to hundreds of pink flamingos, adding a pop of pink to the stunning landscape colors. 

8. Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia

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Image from Jeison Higuita on Unsplash

Lake Titicaca is one of the world’s most well-known bodies of water. It’s South America’s largest freshwater lake and sits on the border of Bolivia and Peru. 

Backed by the breathtaking Andes Mountains, it’s believed to be the birthplace of the Inca civilization. Today, it contains floating villages where the indigenous Uros people live. They’ve built man-made floating islets on the still and sparkling blue water. 

9. Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

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Image from marcoreyes on Pixabay

Lake Atitlán is the deepest lake in Central America. It’s set in a huge volcanic crater in the southwestern highlands of Guatemala. Surrounded by Mayan villages, lush hills, and towering volcanoes, it’s a truly unique sight to see. 

10. Lake Bacalar, Mexico

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Image from Ivan Cervantes on Unsplash

Lake Bacalar is located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, near the border of Belize. This long and narrow body of water measures 42 km from north to south but only 2 km at its widest. 

The calm, clear water makes it a popular spot for various water activities, like swimming, snorkelling, diving, and kayaking. The lake has a white limestone bottom and presents magical colours that change from bright turquoise to deep blue. 

11. Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan

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Image from Catriona Palo on Unsplash

Lake Kawaguchi is the most magical of the five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji. It’s located in the town of Fujikawaguchiko and is one of the most beautiful spots to see Japan’s iconic mountain. 

On a clear day, you can witness the magnificent mountain reflecting on the calm lake water. 

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