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10 Most Diverse Cities in the United States

When you think of the United States, a few things come to mind: Hollywood, Disneyland, New York, the Grand Canyon, NASA, Las Vegas, and more. Beyond the glitz and glam, the U.S. is also known for its diversity. People from all walks of life are flocking in with hopes of a better future. 

The Land of Opportunity or The Land of the Free should sound somewhat familiar. This is most likely what attracts people to America. 

What makes the United States great is its diversity. You’ll find a mix of cultures, multiple languages being spoken, and nationalities all coming together

1. New York City, New York 

new york city MSN
Photo by Pexels on Pixabay.

As you walk the streets, you’ll hear multiple dialects. Believe it or not, there are over 600 languages spoken in New York City

Culture and nationality aside, NYC is also known for being a very liberal city. You’ll find quirky characters and people just being who they want to be. It’s really a magical city filled with amazing people.

2. Austin, Texas 

austin texas MSN
Photo by justraveling on Pixabay.

The Live Music Capital of the World welcomes all with open arms. The capital of Texas is known for its music scene, wide variety of entertainment options, outdoor activities, and a whole lotta charm. 

There’s always something to do, whether you’re going to one of nearly 200 concert venues or waiting for the sun to set to watch thousands of bats fly from the Congress Avenue Bridge. The weather is usually good, so you’ll always find locals out and about enjoying the outdoors. 

You’ll find great diversity in Austin since many people come for great job opportunities, affordable cost of living, and a growing industry market. 

3. Tampa, Florida


You’ll find Tampa along the Gulf Coast, a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The city celebrates its Cuban and Latin cultures, which makes it one of the most diverse cities in the United States. 

Besides its cultural blend, Tampa has many fantastic sights and things to see. Visit ZooTampa to experience wildlife like never before. This animal haven is known for its stunning tropical zoological setting. Get ready to see African Elephants, Penguins, Bornean Orangutans, Giraffes, and yellow-footed rock wallabies. ZooTampa also has a wide variety of birds, such as bald eagles, shoebill storks, sandhill cranes, and palm cockatoos. 

4. Tucson, Arizona

tucson sign

Desert landscape, warm weather, and cacti. Tucson has a beautiful blend of Mexican-American culture due to its close proximity to the border. The Sonoran Desert attracts people worldwide, all wanting to get up close and personal with giant cacti and experience the outdoors like never before. 

The University of Arizona is well known for its renowned departments and draws students from around the country and the world. Tucson celebrates its rich cultural diversity with festivals. Here, you’ll find delicious Mexican dishes, like tacos and burritos, and classic American food, such as burgers and fries. 

5. Las Vegas, Nevada 


Sin City is a place where many go to escape. You’ll find casinos, hotels, restaurants, and sideshows all along the strip. As you make your way down this iconic road, there’s another thing you’ll immediately notice: the people. 

Las Vegas is always filled with tourists coming in from all over the world. This city is definitely a bucket list location, and it’s hard not to see why. Glitz and glam isn’t the only thing Vegas has. There is plenty of diversity. 

6. Albuquerque, New Mexico 

albuquerque new mexico MSN
Photo by Kyle Hinkson on Unsplash

Albuquerque is located in New Mexico, a city known for its cultural diversity, with Mexican and Native American influence. The town celebrates its heritage and people through festivals, architectural preservation, and education. 

Learn about the history of Albuquerque at one of the many exciting museums that showcase various things such as art, history, science, and even human evolution. 

7. Atlantic City, New Jersey 

atlantic city new jersey MSN
Photo by 1778011 on Pixabay

Atlantic City is one of the most visited destinations in the USA. It’s a city filled with lots of entertainment, beautiful beaches, and an iconic boardwalk. People from all over the world come for the excitement of casinos, boardwalk shopping, and seaside fun. 

Here, you’ll find a mix of people either visiting or staying. There is quite a large Hispanic and African-American community, along with many others. It’s a liberal city that welcomes all and with so much to do, along with fantastic educational options and job opportunities. 

8. Beaumont, Texas 

beaumont texas MSN
Photo: Canva

Located in southeastern Texas, Beaumont is a city full of diversity. With a rich cultural history, this city greatly supported the blues and jazz era. Beaumont also plays a huge role in U.S. history since it was home to the largest and most significant oil boom. 

Here, you’ll find many museums showcasing interesting and cool features, such as the Texas Fire Museum, which is home to the world’s largest working fire hydrant. Visit the Gator Country Adventure Park to feed the alligators, or take a scenic stroll in the Beaumont Botanical Gardens. Since Beaumont is very walkable, you can explore the town and discover all the hidden gems. 

9. New Orleans, Louisiana 

new orleans louisiana MSN
Photo by USA-Reiseblogger on Pixabay.

This city is a burst of diversity, which you’ll immediately feel the minute you step in. New Orleans is known for its live music, Mardi Gras, and its delightful blend of cultures. Creole, Cajun, French, and Spanish all play an important part in this colorful town. 

The locals are happy, friendly, and always welcome visitors with open arms. New Orleans is a popular destination for those wanting to experience the festivities of Mardi Gras, explore the French Quarter, or try authentic beignets

10. Greensboro, North Carolina 

greensboro north carolina MSN
Photo: Canva

Known as Tournament Town due to its many sports fields, venues, stadiums, and courts, Greensboro wasn’t always a competitive town. The city was a textile manufacturer with many mills, factories, and workers. 

Greensboro put itself on the map with the Greensboro Four, a peaceful protest against segregation. Four brave African-American men sat at a lunch counter in Woolworths, which led to thousands of other sit-ins. Today, you can visit the Woolworths location, which is now the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. 

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