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23 Best Things to Do in St Lucia You’ll Love

Welcome to Saint Lucia, a Caribbean paradise with an array of activities and attractions to suit every traveler’s taste. From its lush rainforests and stunning beaches to its fascinating cultural heritage, you will find endless opportunities to explore and indulge in unique experiences.

I visited the island in September, outside of the peak season, so was able to fully explore much of what St Lucia has on offer. From how to experience the pitons to where to get the best roti to air and water experiences and much more, here are the 23 best things to do in St Lucia in my opinion.

23 Best Things to do in St Lucia

1. Hike the Pitons

The Pitons are two volcanic plugs that rise up from the sea and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They are St Lucia’s most famous landmark and offer a stunning backdrop to much of the coastline on the south west of the island. 

Tet Paul Trail
A Piton from the Tet Paul Trail

It is possible to hike to the top of both the Pitons but they are both challenging climbs. It is estimated that hiking to the top of Gros Piton, over 2,600 feet tall, takes 2 hours each way (and remember it can be very humid in St Lucia). 

Ironically, the Petit Piton is a more challenging climb than the larger Gros Piton. The reason for this is there are several sections that can only be climbed using ropes. It is estimated that climbing Petit Piton (over 2,400 feet) will take seven hours in total. 

➡️ Book your Pitons Hike

2. Walk the Tet Paul Nature Trail

A much better option is to walk the Tet Paul Nature Trail instead where there are fantastic views of both pitons. Two companies run two different nature Tet Paul Nature Paths. Both companies charge for entrance to the trail but that fee also provides a guide which for me added a lot to the experience. 

Tet Paul Trail
Tet Paul Trail

On arrival, I was mostly interested in getting the best photos of the Pitons. So I was surprised to become so interested in what the guide had to say about the herbs and flowers that grow along the Tet Paul Nature Trail. 

Tet Paul Trail
Tet Paul Trail

Many of the herbs and flowers along the trail have medicinal benefits. The guide took us through the different properties of the various plants and pulled out the ones with distinctive smells like the well-named vomit fruit which smells like blue cheese. 

Tet Paul Trail Highest mountains
Mount Gimie

But of course we were there mostly for the views, which included being able to see the four peaks of St Lucia’s highest mountain, Mount Gimie. The highlight of the trail is the 360 degree viewing area at the top of the path. This is the perfect place to grab selfies including the “holding the top of the piton” pose.

Tet Paul Trail fruit
Tet Paul Trail fruit

There is a small store selling souvenirs and drinks at the last viewing deck before the 360 degree view area. At the end of the trail, there is a small bar area where I enjoyed the most amazing mango juice of my life as well as some outstanding fruit. 

The total walk takes about 45 minutes. 

➡️ Book Your Tet Paul Nature Trail Tour

3. Take a Rum Tour

The Carribean is quite synonymous with rum. However, there is only one rum distillery remaining on St Lucia, Saint Lucia Distillers and they run a popular rum tour. The tour runs through the rum making process and there is a brief chance to see a part of the distillery followed by an exhibit on the festivals on St Lucia. 

rum tour

Next up is what everyone comes for – the rum tasting. This was perhaps one of the most relaxed tastings I have experienced. A large number of rums were lined up along a lengthy table (brands include Chairman Reserve and Marigot Bay). St Lucia Distillers is quite trusting and allows visitors to pour their own samples into very small paper cups. 

rum tour

The distillery also has a store where their range can be purchased at a discount.

They are located on the west side of the island south of Marigot Bay. The Rhythm of Rum Tour runs Monday to Friday for individuals and on the weekend for groups. The total tour takes about one hour. 

➡️ Book your St Lucia Rum Tour

4. Fly Down a Zipline

There are several places to fly down a zipline in Saint Lucia. I visited Rainforest Adventures (also home to the Aerial Tour below) and saw their ziplining in action. Their Adrena-line (get it?) Canopy Tour operates around 2000 feet above sea level through the beautiful forest in this eco-park. The zipline covers 16 platforms and 8 lines so it is quite full on.


It is possible to combine the zipline with the aerial tram and a hike in the Ultimate Three Package. 

➡️ Book Your St Lucia Zipline

5. Take the Aerial Tram

The Aerial Tram is also at Rainforest Adventures in the north of the island. The tram operates at 2000 feet above sea level and offers a lovely break from the island’s humidity. The tram is quite low key so its perfect for older and younger visitors. On the way up your guide will fill you in on the local plants and wildlife. 

aerial tram
aerial tram
aerial tram
aerial tram

For me, the highlight was the tram ride back down the forest. The views of the north of the island were fantastic and it was possible to get more of a birds eye view of the beautiful forest. 

➡️ Book Your St Lucia Aerial Tram

6. Take to the waters at Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs is the world’s only drive-in volcano – who knew such a thing existed! This geothermal field is in the southwest of St Lucia and last erupted over 200 years ago. It is considered to be a dormant volcano and is now better known for its mud baths rather than explosions. 

sulphur springs
sulphur springs

And those baths are hot!!! The coolest of the hot springs baths is the lowest eg the bath closest to the volcano is the warmest at around 100 degrees. I visited St Lucia in September when it was already very hot and I was not capable of entering the warmest pool. 

Sulphur Springs
Sulphur Springs

The idea is to take to the warm waters first to open up your pores. Once that is done apply the mud to yourself and let it dry completely. Once dry head back into the baths to wash off most of the mud. But don’t wash it off too thoroughly or you may lose some of the benefits of the mud and water’s minerals. 

The St Lucia Sulphur Springs are open from 5am until midnight. There are quite a few shops at the springs as well as change rooms. Make sure you bring your own towel and wear your darkest, oldest bathers as the mud can stick. 

➡️ Book Your Sulphur Springs Visit

7. Visit Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths

Not far from Sulphur Springs are more mineral baths at Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. These mineral baths are small and don’t have any mud – instead, they are a pleasing shade of blue. However, the highlight of Diamond Falls is the amazing botanical gardens – I couldn’t stop taking photos. 

Botanical Gardens St Lucia
Botanical Gardens St Lucia

This six acre park is home to a diverse range of tropical plants, flowers, birds and insects. It is also home to the charming Diamond Falls waterfalls, an old mill and a water wheel. 

Diamond Falls
Diamond Falls

Top Tip: St Lucia Travel and Tours is the best for airport pickups and all your driving needs while on St Lucia. I met owner and tour guide Randy and two of his drivers. All of them were outstanding careful drivers on the rather rough roads of St Lucia. They were also delighted to help out with tourist info, tips and photos. 

8. Take a Shower Outside

If you’re staying at one of the lovely all-inclusive resorts in St Lucia you are almost guaranteed to have an outdoor shower – it’s a St Lucia thing! And it is almost always warm enough in St Lucia for an outdoor shower to be completely comfortable. 

tet rouge bathroom
My bathroom at Tet Rouge and its outdoor shower

9. Eat Chicken Roti

Carribean roti bread is quite similar to Indian roti bread. It is flaky and pan-fried like a flat pancake. In St Lucia, chicken roti is roti bread filled with potato and an Indian style chicken curry and is delicious. It is a popular lunch dish for locals and tourists. One of the best places to try Chicken Roti is Fedo’s in Soufriere. 

Chicken Rotie
Chicken Roti

10. Visit Anse Chastanet for the Carribean Buffet 

Anse Chastanet is one of the most famous resorts in St Lucia. The property opened in 1974 and revolutionized the resort world with its open fourth wall and integration of nature into the design aesthetic. It is home to one of the most popular beaches on St Lucia, the volcanic Anse Chastanet. 

Anse Chastanet Beach
Anse Chastanet Beach

I had a wonderful stay at Anse Chastanet and there were lots of things to recommend about this fantastic St Lucia resort. However, one of my highlights was the Caribbean Culinary Night on a Tuesday. 

Anse Chastanet Fish

The evening begins with drinks and some rather fancy Japanese fusion-style appetizers and cocktails. I was able to watch the buffet being prepared and I so wished I had a second stomach. There were fantastic mixed salads and curries with local ingredients, a flaky giant whole fish, buttery rare beef and the most delicious roti bread was made in front of me. 

Anse chastanet roti

And then the desserts. Anse Chastanet has its own chocolate lab so the buffet featured chocolate macaroons and other chocolate delights. My personal favorite was the pan-fried bananas with oodles of caramel sauce.

⇒ Check Prices and Availability at Anse Chastanet

11. Take a Catamaran Cruise

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of St Lucia is to see it from the sea. Leave all the navigation to the captain and the crew as you relax and enjoy the views on a beautiful catamaran. Many catamaran cruises offer the opportunity to stop in a few of island’s high points like Sulphur Springs or Marigot Bay and most have opportunities for snorkeling. 

➡️ Book Your Catamaran Cruise on St Lucia

12. Take a Sunset Cruise

I loved the sunset cruise I took while I was on St Lucia. My cruise was organised by Anse Chastanet but there are many tour operators on the island who can organise your sunset cruise if you’re staying elsewhere. 

sunset cruise me

We left Anse Chastanet in the southwest of the island around 4pm and then headed north up to the beautiful Marigot Bay for the golden hour. All of this was of course accompanied by delicious snacks and drinks. If you’re staying in the North of the island sunset cruises tend to run between Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay. 

sunset cruise sax player

➡️ Book Your Sunset Cruise

13. Go Snorkelling and/or Scuba Diving

When it comes to water activities, Saint Lucia has plenty of options to keep you entertained. Snorkeling and diving are both popular among visitors, as the island’s marine life is both abundant and diverse and it has several coral reefs. Many excursions offer guided snorkeling tours or dive courses and opportunities. 

➡️ Book your St Lucia Snorkelling or Diving Experience

14. Make your own Chocolate

One of the highlights of my visit to St Lucia was visting Project Chocolat. Project Chocolat is owned by Hotel Chocolat, one of my favourite UK brands. I had no idea there was a real Hotel Chocolat as well as a chocoalte experience until I visited St Lucia. 

chocolate experience seederie
chocolate experience seederie

Hotel Chocolat has a 6 acre estate on St Lucia, the Rabot Estate. It is home to the beautiful Hotel Rabot or Hotel Chocolat as well as Project Chocolat, an immersive agri-tourism experience. I did the tree to bar experience. We started with cacao beans, visited the seederie and saw the baby chocolate plants, hugged some trees, drank from a just slashed down coconut, felt giant cacao podsand generally had a wonderful experience in the rainforest. 

chocolate experience coconut

Then it was time to return to civilization and the very cool Project Chocolat Bar for a quick chocolate drink before being given my own pestle and mortar. I was then taught how to make my own chocolate which I poured into a mould. While the chocolate was setting I enjoyed some chocolate shopping and a delicious meal at Project Chocolat which included some amazing white chocolate mashed potatoes and of course a delicious sundae. 

➡️ Book Your Project Chocolat Experience

15. Visit Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island National Landmark is a historic site located on a small island off the coast of Saint Lucia. The island was once used as a military base by the British, and you can still see the remains of the old fortifications like Fort Rodney. You can also visit the museum on the island to learn about the island’s history and see artifacts from the colonial period. And they have a beautiful beach. 

pigeon island beach
pigeon island beach

➡️ Book Your Pigeon Island Tour

16. Head to Hummingbird Beach for Drinks

Hummingbird Beach is located in the city of Soufriere and gives Sugar Beach a run for its money regarding views of the Piton. The sand at Hummingbird Beach isn’t as pure white as Sugar Beach but it is soft and lush and the water is the usual crystal clear St Lucia standard. This is a beach frequented by both locals and tourists. 

Hummingbird Beach things to do in st lucia
Hummingbird Beach

There are plenty of facilities at Hummingbird Beach including some colorful bars that sit on the beach. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail on the beach whilst perhaps sitting under a straw umbrella. The best time to visit is as the sun sets over the palm trees and the Caribbean sea.

Hummingbird Beach
Hummingbird Beach

17. Visit Castries Market

Castries Market is the largest food and flea market on the island and has been operating for over 100 years. This is a great place to buy things like St Lucia spices, hot sauce and rum that make for fantastic souvenirs or even gifts if you’re feeling generous. Plus you’ll find local jewelry, crafts and art. 

castries market

Castries Market is open every day but Saturday tends to be the busiest. The market is open on Sundays but there will only be a small number of stalls. The market is generally open from 730 till 8pm. There are quite a few food stalls at the market so combine some shopping with lunch or an early dinner. 


18. Go to the Friday Night Street Party Fish Fry in Anse La Raye

Anse La Raye is a small fishing village located on the west coast of Saint Lucia. It’s known for its Friday night street party, where locals and tourists gather to eat, drink, and dance. You can find a variety of street food vendors selling everything from grilled fish and chicken to fried plantains and breadfruit. This is a great way to have a more authentic local experience in St Lucia. 

Tet Rouge Beach

19. Take an ATV Guided Tour

An ATV tour is a perfect way to explore the lush tropical landscape of St Lucia. You’ll get much more to the heart of this beautiful island as you follow natural trails less visited by tourists. 

➡️ Book Your ATV Tour

20. Visit Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is a must-visit if you’re looking for a beach that combines natural beauty with luxury. This stunning white sand beach is nestled between the two Pitons of St. Lucia and is known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and pristine white sands. The waters near this beach are protected. 

Sugar Beach
Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is also known for having great diving and snorkeling due to its crystal clear seas. For divers, there is an 1800-foot drop at the base of the Pitons.

Sugar Beach
Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is also home to the Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort but there is a section of the beach that is open to the general public. Bonte Restaurant and Bar is located on the beach and part of the Viceroy. 

⇒ Check Prices and Availability at The Viceroy 

21. Visit the Sea Turtles at Grand Anse Beach

Grande Anse Beach is located on the east coast of St Lucia in the north. This sandy beach tends to be quieter than some other beaches on the island, as it isn’t easy to get there. If you visit Grand Anse beach between March and August you may be lucky enough to see nesting sea turtles. 

grand anse beach.
grand anse beach.

22. Do things involving wind at Cas En Bas Beach 

If you like kite surfing or wind surfing then you must head to horseshoe-shaped Cas En Bas Beach. This pretty beach is located in the North East of the island and is also known for offering horseback riding on the beach and the popular Marjorie’s Beach Shack. 

cas en bas beach
cas en bas beach

23. Take a dip at Toraille Waterfall 

Just a few minutes from both Soufriere and Sulphur Springs, Toraille Waterfall has a 50 foot drop. It is often combined with a visit to Sulphur Springs as the force of the waterfall can help to get rid of the last of your volanic mud. There changing rooms and a bathroom plus an entrance fee.

toraille waterfall

If you are wandering where to stay on St Lucia I have written an entire article on the best all inclusive resorts on St Lucia for adults. 

St Lucia Tourism was kind enough to cover all of my costs whilst I was in St Lucia including the economy portion of my flights. However, as always my opinions are my own. 

Do note that this article contains affiliate links. That means if you click through on one of the links in this article and end up making a purchase I may receive a small commission. This helps me keep this website going and doesn’t add to your cost. 

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