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Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich history of more than 4,000 years. You can see this through its incredible landmarks like the perfectly preserved ancient city of Ephesus or the Gobekli Tepe archaeological sites, just to name a couple. 

It’s not all ancient ruins and mountains, however. The country also has booming cities like Istanbul. Shop at the Grand Bazaar, see its culture at the breathtaking Hagia Sophia Mosque or take in the views atop the Galata Tower.

Whether you’re hoping to fill a Turkey itinerary for 7-days or more, don’t forget to add these top places to your list.

Top Places to Visit in Turkey

Not sure which places in Turkey to add to your itinerary? Let me help you with these top places you simply cannot miss.


Istanbul is one of the best cities (if not the best) to visit in Turkey and is often the first place tourists stop when visiting the country.

If you have limited time, check out my Istanbul 3-day itinerary for must-see attractions, like the Blue Mosque, The Basilica Cistern, and the Grand Bazaar. Each attraction offers a different perspective of the city through food, art, or architecture.

Did you know that Turkish coffee first landed in Istanbul from Syrian traders? Prepared in a copper cezve and often heated over sand, this brew has a smooth and creamy taste you can indulge in at one of the many cafes around town.


You’ll recognise Cappadocia from the many images floating around the internet of its vibrant hot-air balloons flying over the mountains. This activity is a must-do and ought to be on everyone’s 3-day Cappadocia itinerary. But that’s only scratching the surface of amazing things to do in this region.

Cappadocia’s many rock formations and mountains make for interesting hikes and tours. Perhaps the most interesting is the ancient fortress of Uchisar Castle. It offers endless caves, tunnels, and views of the region.

After a long day of exploring, take advantage of the mountainous landscape and sleep in a cosy cave hotel for a unique experience.

Gallipoli Peninsula

The Gallipoli Peninsula is ideal for history buffs — especially those interested in world wars. This site was the first prominent land and water operation in modern times. And thus, holds great significance.

Once a site of terrible warfare in the 1900s, the Gallipoli Peninsula has since turned into a charming area free from hordes of tourists. You can see most of it in a day trip if you take direct Gallipoli tours from Istanbul.

While here, you’ll have a chance to learn about the First World War and what part this region played in it. You’ll also be able to pay respects to the fallen soldiers of the war and see their final resting places.

How Long Do You Need in Turkey?

There are plenty of things to do in Turkey, but typically, five to ten days gives you enough time to explore. 

During this period, you’ll have enough time to visit the most exciting regions and cities, whether you’re a history buff, adventurer, or foodie traveler.