Yosemite in October: 16 Best Things to do


Visiting Yosemite in October is a truly special experience. Most of the key attractions within Yosemite National Park are still open but traffic and tourists are at considerably lower numbers. Best of all, Yosemite National Park is full of deciduous trees that break into glorious blazes of colourful leaves in the autumn. October in Yosemite […]

Yosemite in One Day: Top Sights & Things to Do


Is Yosemite in one day enough time? Well, no it would be better to have more time. However, it is possible to have an outstanding one day trip to Yosemite. Although yosemite Park covers over 3,000 square kilometres most visitors spend the majority of their time in the six-mile radius that is the Yosemite Valley. […]

Things to do in Kanazawa: 17 Instagrammable Highlights


I absolutely loved the Ishikawa region of Japan! It is like a mini japan and easy to negotiate! During the 1600s the region’s capital Kanazawa saw the development of a refined culture focussed on the arts and became Japan’s fourth town after Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. The Ishikawa region was spared from many of the […]

Livermore Wine Tasting Guide – from Trolley to Winery to Bar!


It appears that the Napa Valley got all the best marketers in California! Livermore is about the same distance south-east of San Francisco that Napa is north-east but seems to get very little press. Which is quite shocking considering how extremely good their wines are! Livermore is an older wine region than both Napa and […]