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Have you decided to tick a visit to Portugal off your bucket list? I’ve travelled to this enticing country enough times to confidently say that you’re making a fantastic choice. 

Sunkissed beaches, outstanding wines, delicious tapas, Sintra’s beautiful palaces, lively football matches — need I say more? Portugal has everything you could possibly want from a vacation destination.

Annually, 27 million tourists flock to Portugal, so its appeal is undeniable. I’m here to share some personal highlights of my trips and give you ideas for amazing things to include on your Portugal itinerary.

What Is Portugal Known for?

Ask anyone what Portugal is famous for, and the answers will vary greatly from person to person. 

Foodies will rave about the delicious salted cod. Football fans will immediately mention Christiano Renaldo. And wine connoisseurs will praise the country’s acclaimed port. Personally, my answer would be the traditional Azulejos tiles. These pretty, colourful, patterned tiles brighten up buildings all over the country.

Another thing I find exceptionally appealing about Portugal is its endless sunshine and blue skies. The country has an average of 300 sunny days annually. So, you can definitely expect pleasant weather during your visit. 

You can enjoy the sunshine by dancing to traditional Fado music, lounging on the beaches of the Algarve, or hiking the Seven Hills of Lisbon.

Visit Portugals Vineyards

One of Portugal’s major claims to fame is its excellent port wine. The country has over one million acres dedicated to growing unique variations of grapes. Of course, this also means there are many beautiful vineyards in Portugal worth visiting.

Some lovely wine-growing regions include Alentejo, Beira, Tejo, Trás-os-Montes, and Minho. One of my personal favourites is the Douro Valley. Think of the sparkling Douro River, surrounded by rolling hills and elegant wine estates scattered along the landscape. It’s incredibly gorgeous.

Does your itinerary have space for a visit to a winery in the Douro Valley region? I recommend going to Quinta de la Rosa, one of the area’s most well-known wine producers. Their restaurant is also outstanding, and you can savour a delicious meal while sampling their signature port, Madeira, and table wines, both red and white.

Must-See Landmarks in Portugal

As one of the oldest countries in Europe, I’m sure you know that there are many historic and cultural landmarks in Portugal

Exploring Lisbon

You’ll find some of the most iconic attractions in Lisbon, including the Belem Tower, the Cristo Rei Statue, the National Pantheon, and Se Cathedral (Lisbon’s oldest church), to name a few.

Portugals Castles

Before visiting several times, I had no idea how many stunning castles there were in Portugal. Over 150 palaces, fortresses, and castles are scattered around the country. Two of the loveliest, in my opinion, are the Pena National Palace and the Palacio Nacional de Sintra (National Palace of Sintra), both located in Sintra.

The multi-coloured Pena Palace sits on a hilltop overlooking the city, and its architecture and bright accents are absolutely stunning. The National Palace of Sintra, on the other hand, has a gothic appearance and showcases the history of Portuguese nobility. 

These two must-see palaces are less than three miles apart, so you can easily explore both in one afternoon.