London Graffiti and Street Food in a Fantastic Tour

How stunning is this wall?

I love a walking tour! It is my favourite way to explore a city. Even when that city has been my home for nearly 15 years! So when I was offered the opportunity by tour experts Local Guddy to take any tour I liked with them I leapt at the chance to explore London Graffiti and Street Food.

We met our lovely tour guide Amicie not far from Liverpool Street station on a luckily bright and sunny Saturday morning. Appropriately we met under the Goat sculpture! Our first stop was coffee! We visited Nude who roast their own coffee and I had a fantastic flat white.

exterior of nude coffee shop spitalfields east london
Nude Coffee Roasters

We were then on the edge of Spitalfields market. The tour wasn’t about Spitalfields (which is great if you haven’t been) but we did have a quick wander through. Amicie then pointed out the classic Ten Bells pub. It was a little early for a pint but again this is a great place to go for a drink when in London.

street corner with the ten bells pub east london
The Ten Bells

The focus of the tour was the back streets around Brick Lane. Brick Lane is traditionally known as being the centre of Indian food in London. The famous Indian restaurants still dominate the street but now cool cafes and stores have been added as well as stunning London graffiti.

London Graffiti

Amicie is a qualified art historian and her knowledge and understanding of art really helped us to gain an appreciation of the London graffiti that we saw. We were fascinated to discover that one of the major trends in London graffiti is using smaller areas of the walls. Artists are essentially producing stickers and then applying them to the walls. This creates amazing collages with the works of multiple artists.

colourful street art east london
How stunning is this wall?

As you might expect quite a lot of the art makes a political statement. Teresa May and of course Donald Trump are the most popular politicians!

street art north korea donald trump east london
Art goes political

We also explored some of the lovely old architecture of the backstreets. Amicie shared with us background stories on the classic brick buildings. I particularly loved the wooden shutters – it was almost like a touch of Amsterdam in London!

classic brick building with navy blue shutters and window treatments east london
Amsterdam in London

One of my favourite London graffiti artists is the guy that just adds his little black stick men to existing signs – normally the simplest signs so that they stand out.

stop sign with small black person stickered on east london
Check out this little fella!

Another trend is artists producing work that fits in with the surrounding areas. I loved the one you can see in the next photos. The artist incorporated the actual trees into the work as well as playing with the height of the space.

street art working with tree growing east london
So clever and intricate

X-rays are not something I have seen used as a basis for art so we loved these murals.

street art featuring xray style image east london
How amazing are these?

There was also a car destroyed by a monster plus a car in perspex glass which I didn’t quite understand but was fun to see!

colourful rubbish bins and car with large object on it east london
Confusing but photogenic

Our next stop was the Nomadic Community Gardens. I would never have known this place existed! It is a bit of a wander off Brick Lane so not so easy to find. Essentially it is like an allotment on steroids! Apparently, the council will be developing this rather large plot in the future. As that is the case they have basically offered the space up free to residents to do with it what they will.

entrance to nomadic community gardens east london
Community Gardens

There are seating areas and art everywhere! Residents can come and paint and build to their heart’s content. There is even what appears to be a costume store of some type within the gardens! This third space also allows people to run events and has a fantastic atmosphere of community spirit.

pink wooden seats and plant carriers with plants inside east london
So cute

Importantly there is a little cafe – the Roving Cafe – on offer for coffee and cake!

truck front with coffee shop inside in garden east london

London Street Food

We were able to stop for snacks along the way – all at spots of course recommended by Amicie. A highlight was the amazing bubble waffles! These are waffles that basically act like a wrap for different fruit and sweet combinations. yum!

table with colourful topped waffles east london
What a choice!

Our first stop, however, was at the Tibetan dumpling stand for some chicken momos. They were much better than most of the momos I tasted in Nepal!

people serving food at tibet kitchen stand east london
Tibetan Momos

We then headed to the Old Truman Brewery. This gorgeous building is now filled with street food vendors. There is literally every cuisine that you can imagine represented! There is also a decent sized seating area so that you can enjoy your food.

Korean fried chicken with every variety of sauce you could imagine was on offer. However, the vendor that most stood out to me was the one from Peru. He was selling La Causa which is basically ceviche in a kind of milky mayonnaise type sauce. He differentiated his offer by providing La Causa in mini sandwiches on purple bread! Very instagram ready!

multiple servings of korean fried chicken old truman brewery east london
MMM Korean Fried Chicken
purple bread mini sandwiches east london
La Causa

We then went past the Cereal Killer Cafe! Yes, what a brilliant name! This cafe actually does sell cereal – every kind you can imagine! It is quite small so we weren’t able to go in and try it but it was filled with quirky retro packaging and super cute.

exterior of the cereal killer cafe east london
The Cereal Killer Cafe

Our last stop was appropriately chocolate based! Amicie introduced us to an amazing chocolate shop called Dark Sugars. There are actually two of them along Brick Lane! They have a mix of chocolate truffles and slabs. And most interesting were pearls. These looked like bath drops but tasted incredible!

chocolates that look like bath balls pitch black east london
Delicious Dark Sugar

This was a fantastic tour to really discover hidden London Graffiti and street food. Even as a Londoner I saw and learnt many new things. As you can also hopefully tell it was a very photogenic tour so make sure you take your camera!!

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Thanks very much to Local Guddy for providing me with this fab tour
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