Best Hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights

northern lights above hotel ranga iceland
Northern Lights at Hotel Ranga

The key objective of my recent trip to Iceland was to see the Northern Lights. It was a friend’s “important” birthday and her key goal was to see the lights – and hopefully on her actual birthday! I did a lot of research on the best hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights when planning the trip. The two I came up with were Hotel Ranga Hella and the Northern Lights Inn Iceland. I stayed at both and my reviews are below – and most importantly I saw the lights at both!!! Or if you would like to look further across Scandanavia check out these great ideas.

Getting to Iceland and Getting Around:

Keflavik Airport is the main international airport in Iceland. It is located about a one hour drive from Reykjavik (depending on traffic) and is only about half an hour from the Blue Lagoon. It is in the southwest of the country. This is why most visitors tend to visit the Blue Lagoon on the first or last day of their trips. I think it is a great way to end a trip.

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Cheap Flights to Reykjavik


Without question, the best way to see Iceland is to Hire a Car. 

Not only will it save you a fortune it is the best way to see the most of the sites that Iceland has to offer. Most of the key sites are free eg Gullfoss so if you have a car costs drop dramatically – especially if you are with a group.

And make sure you read this great post on 12 Things to Know Before Visiting Iceland before you get on the flight!

Best Hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights: Hotel Ranga

The key appeal of Hotel Ranga Hella for me was the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights. And I also liked that it is the only 4 star accommodation in South Iceland! Hotel Ranga is located about 5km outside of Hella heading towards Vik. This more remote location increases the chances of seeing the Hotel Ranga Northern Lights as there is less air pollution.

best hotels in iceland for northern lights
This is what you came for…..

You absolutely need a car if you are staying here. There are local taxi services but I think this would be quite painful and unnecessarily expensive.

Check Prices & Availability for Hotel Ranga


iceland northern lights hotel
The greeter

Hotel Ranga Iceland – Layout and facilities

Hotel Ranga Hella is a good size and has a ranch type layout and feel. There is a large restaurant where both breakfast and dinner are served. The restaurant has is almost entirely windows and provides a 180-degree view.

northern lights iceland hotel
The restaurant at Hotel Ranga

There is a small bar area just before you reach the restaurant. The highlight here is the fun bar stools. They are basically carved to be like a pair of legs so quite amusing once someone is sitting on them! There are also a few couches.

My favourite area was upstairs above the bar. This is a large area with loads of comfortable couches and tables. I had to do some work while I was there and this was such a lovely area to sit in. We also had dinner up here our first night from the bar menu.

There is another drinks/lounge area on the side of the hotel where there are 2 hot tubs. This area provides direct access to the hot tubs and is perfect for pre-dinner drinks.

Hotel Ranga Iceland – Eating and drinking

Breakfast at Hotel Ranga Hella was a highlight!! There is a huge buffet offering of great quality food. Loads of delicious smoked salmon and either soft or hard boiled eggs, a variety of other seafood, salad items, cheeses – basically you name it they had it! There were little “shots” of skyr topped with some granola which I highly recommend!

One of the highlights for me was the do it yourself waffle irons. The batter had been pre-mixed and portioned. All you needed to do was spray the iron, pour on the batter (in the middle), close the top and 2 minutes later a perfect waffle! On hand to serve with your waffle was Nutella, peanut butter, maple syrup and jams. There was then normal cream, caramel cream and strawberry cream.

northern lights hotel iceland
The batter is ready to go!

As part of your breakfast, there is also a hot items menu. The omelettes were my highlight. There is also a full breakfast, poached eggs with salmon and hollandaise and scrambled eggs.

best hotels in iceland
The delicious cheesey omelette

Also included in breakfast is proper espresso coffee. I had 2 cappuccinos each morning and this was the best coffee I had in Iceland outside of Reykjavik Roasters!

best hotel in iceland to see northern lights
Hot Breakfast menu

There are 2 dinner options at Hotel Ranga Hella. The first is the bar menu. This is quite limited – only a few items. I had the seafood soup which was nice but not particularly filling. The burger and the salmon and bread options looked a lot better. We ate this in the upstairs bar. You can also have any items from the main menu up here as well.

The 2nd option is the main restaurant menu. This is not cheap but wow the food was brilliant!!!! We decided to share three starters so that we could try a few different things. We had puffin which wasn’t great – very chewy and the flavour was not very pleasant. The reindeer carpaccio was a pleasant surprise – full of flavour! Our third safe option was some lovely salmon.

best places to see northern lights in iceland
Delicious salmon
best hotels to see northern lights in iceland
Hmm Carpaccio

I had the arctic char for my main which was absolutely delicious.

We also had dinner at Restaurant Strond during our stay. This is the closest restaurant to Hotel Ranga Iceland – about a 2-minute drive along the A1. The food was very nice so if you are staying several nights definitely check this out.

There are a bakery and a bottle shop Vinbudin in the town of Hella.

Hotel Ranga Iceland – Activities

There are SO many activities that are possible from Hotel Ranga Hella! We chose to stay here for 4 nights to increase our chances of seeing the Northern Lights and because it gave us access to so many activities.

It is a big drive 3 hours West to visit the amazing Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach. If you can possibly do this you should absolutely try as it is a don’t miss for me. It is much closer to head West to Vik where you can check out its famous black beach and Dyrholaey for some amazing views.

Book Your Glacier Lagoon Tour Here


Hotel Ranga Hella is a great spot from which to do the infamous Golden Circle Tour. This can be done with a tour company or you can drive yourself. The Golden Circle Tour covers Gulfoss (about a good one hour drive), Geysir and Pingvellir National Park. This is a full day with some fantastic scenery.

Book a Golden Circle Tour Here


best hotels in iceland to see northern lights
rainbow outside the entrance to hotel ranga iceland

I also did the Inside the Volcano trip from Hotel Ranga. I drove 1 hour 20 minutes to get to the meeting point and drove myself back. This made it about an 8-hour return trip but this worked really well. This tour tends to book up quickly so Book your Inside the Volcano tour here before you go.

Hotel Ranga Hella can then assist you with snowmobile tours and any other adventure activities you would like to do! The ladies at reception are so helpful. I sat down with one with my big map and basically asked for slightly off the beaten track places to photograph and she was brilliant.

There are a million brochures and so many options here – there is little you can’t do in terms of Icelandic options from Hotel Ranga Hella!

Hotel Ranga Iceland – The hot tubs

When you look at the Hotel Ranga Hella website you will not miss the hot tubs! A key part of the hotel’s appeal is the notion of sitting in a hot tub sipping champagne whilst watching the northern lights! Well, this didn’t actually happen to me – would have had to be a lot of luck to make those events all happen together! But we did try out the hot tub and it was lovely!

hotel ranga
The hot tub!

There are 3 hot tubs at Hotel Ranga Hella. 2 of them are on the east side of the hotel and can be accessed through the sitting area for drinks I mentioned above. It is first in best dressed but they were not super busy when I was there and the hotel was full. You can take a drink in but of course plastic glasses or cups only!

Hotel Ranga Iceland – The rooms

This was my one disappointment with Hotel Ranga Hella. I had expected much nicer and larger rooms. I was quite surprised when I entered the room. It was nicely done out in a rustic way but the design did feel tired – particularly the kind of 1970s floor tiles. We had a twin room and the beds were very comfortable to be fair. However, the room was quite small.

best hotels to see the northern lights in iceland
The room at Hotel Ranga – nice fox!

The bathroom had a special spa bath which took up most of the room. This was great but it meant that when you had a shower you did end up spraying water across the whole bathroom as there was no screen. There were quite a few toiletries but not named brand.

best hotel to see northern lights in iceland
Hotel Ranga bathroom

There were, however, loads of nice thick towels which I love and nice bathrobes. The room was very cosy with lots of lamps. It was also possible to open the window a touch which was good.

Hotel Ranga Northern Lights

The key reason I stayed at Hotel Ranga was that I read it was one of the best hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights. The whole hotel is set up for it. One of the first things you see at reception when you arrive is the Aurora wake up board where you mark your room if you want to be woken up for the Hotel Ranga Northern Lights. When we jokingly said who were the strange people who did NOT want to be woken up we were told that they were the guests from Iceland!

best hotel iceland
Sign up for the aurora wake up call!

Near reception are a large number of super warm all in one suits to wear when watching for the Northern Lights. These were toasty warm and very very comfortable! I would have quite liked to sleep in one! I think the suits alone make Hotel Ranga one of the best Iceland hotels for Northern Lights!

northern lights hotels iceland
The warmest suits for Northern Lights watching

The staff understood our excitement about the Northern Lights and were great keeping us updated. We did get to see the Northern Lights on one of our four nights at Hotel Ranga. We were waiting for our main meals when the call came that the lights were out! At Hotel Ranga Iceland all food and drink are put on hold when the lights show up which is great!

best hotels for northern lights iceland
Northern Lights at Hotel Ranga

We ran out to the car park and got our cameras ready to go. I did manage to put a warm suit on first which was helpful! We got a nice display for about 10 minutes. We then came back and had our meals which were fantastic. The lights came out a second time and we were treated to a longer display this time which was amazing!

Click here to compare prices and book a Northern Lights Tour in Iceland


Hotel Ranga Iceland – Service

The staff were brilliant. Super friendly and super helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. The service was fast, prompt and cheerful. Our coffees were quick at breakfast each morning and we had a delightful night the evening we ate in the restaurant. They could not have been more lovely!

best hotels to stay in iceland for northern lights
The well lit bar

Hotel Ranga Iceland – The Verdict

Apart from the rooms, I loved everything about Hotel Ranga. The location is brilliant, the staff so lovely, the food is brilliant and I loved the atmosphere in the Hotel – it is warm and friendly – very Danish hygge! And based on my experience this is definitely one of the best hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights. Also, very few hotels offer a wake-up service for the lights.

hotel ranga iceland
Great spot for a pre dinner wine

The rooms were a disappointment but they were still very nice. I plan on doing a 4th trip to Iceland at some point I will definitely come back and stay here again which I guess is the key test!

Click Here for Prices and Availability for Hotel Ranga

Hotel Ranga Iceland – Top Tip

If you really want to see the Northern Lights then my tip would be to stay at Hotel Ranga for at least 4 nights. There is no guarantee but this improves your odds markedly…

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Best Hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights: Northern Lights Inn Iceland

The second of my best hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights is the well-titled Northern Light Inn! Only 25 minutes from Keflavik International Airport the Northern Lights Inn Iceland is a lovely little hotel. It opened in the 1980s as a very simple hotel for sufferers of psoriasis who came to bathe in the waters of the Blue Lagoon. Both the Northern Light Inn and the Blue Lagoon have moved on considerably since!

northern light inn iceland
Arriving at the Northern Lights Inn

The Northern Lights Inn is also located just 1km from the Blue Lagoon which is incredibly handy! We arrived at the hotel about 11 am from Hella. We dropped our bags and then got on the hourly shuttle bus to the Blue Lagoon – this takes about 2 minutes. There are then hourly shuttles back to the Northern Light Inn although you could easily walk if it isn’t freezing.

Check Prices & Availablity on the Northern Light Inn


iceland hotels northern lights
You’re here

Northern Lights Inn Iceland – Hotel Layout and facilities

The Northern Lights Inn Iceland is quite large and in a big U shape. They have a full wellness centre as well as a gym. The gym is free for guests. The Wellness centre is free for deluxe guests and 2500 ISK per person for standard guests. The Northern Light Inn also has the only aurora pods in Iceland. These are basically flotation tanks.

best hotel in iceland for nothern lights
Such a comfy area!

There are several lovely living room type areas throughout the hotel. My favourite was the large room next to the honesty bar. It has tea, coffee and hot chocolate going all day as well as an open fire for the evening.

There is also a comfortable relaxing space in the middle of the hotel upstairs.

Northern Lights Inn Iceland – Eating and drinking

Breakfast is served in Max’s restaurant. This is a great full buffet. It features smoked salmon as well as cured meats plus some lovely light scrambled eggs. Fresh bread is ready to be cut and toasted. There was also a massive pot of skyr yoghurt which I used as a spread with my smoked salmon on toast – delicious!

best hotel in iceland to view northern lights
Northern Lights inn Breakfast

The buffet also has pastries and cakes plus different cheeses, cucumber, tomato, peppers etc etc.

Waffles can be made in the main living room area between 230 and 430 daily. We were at the Blue Lagoon so missed this but they sounded brilliant!

Max’s restaurant (named after the owner’s Golden Retriever) is a well-known spot for fantastic food in the area. The menu was concise but there were enough offerings. There was a BBQ meat option with vegetables and potatoes which were the perfect dinner after a lunch at the Blue Lagoon. I had the BBQ chicken which was lovely. There are also more traditional main meals featuring fish and of course lamb and lobster.

best place to stay in iceland for nothern lights
BBQ Chicken

The restaurant is a lovely simple Nordic design. The highlight is the large windows. During the day the light is lovely and this is perfect in case the Northern Lights show up during dinner!

The Northern Lights Inn Iceland also runs a lovely honesty bar. It is open 24 hours a day and has no bartender. You can help yourself to wine, beer and spirits as long as you write down what you have taken.

Northern Lights Inn Iceland – The rooms

The rooms aren’t huge but they are a good size. We had a twin room and like everywhere else we stayed in Iceland the duvet was lovely and soft and warm! We had a great view of the lava fields and the power station. I am not being ironic here – the power station is actually quite attractive and billows steam throughout the day and evening! We were there on breast cancer awareness day so it was lit up with a pink light!

hotels in iceland northern lights
Twin Room Northern Lights Inn

There were a large screen tv and Icelandic channels as well as the BBC and some UK tv like ITV. The room was attractively furnished in whites and beige and there was enough room for both of us to have our cases out and to still be able to walk quite freely.

shower in bathroom at northern lights inn iceland
Bathroom with L’Occitane on tap

The bathroom was small with just a shower but fine. A bonus was the L’Occitane toiletries. These were secured to the wall but they had shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. We only had one medium-sized and one hand towel each plus a shower mat which was a bit disappointing. The towels were not particularly thick. They were fine but could easily have been nicer at this room rate.

The Northern Lights at the Northern Lights Inn Iceland

Expectations are high when you go and stay somewhere that is actually called the Northern Light Inn! And luckily we got lucky with a fantastic viewing of the Northern Lights – the best we had on the trip!

The hotel has a wake-up service for the Northern Lights. They also go around the hotel and tell everyone when the lights come out. We had just finished dinner (it was about 945pm) when we were told that the lights were out!

northern lights over the northern lights inn iceland
The Northern Lights at the Northern Lights Inn

The Northern Lights Inn Iceland is quite a big area so there was then a lot of wandering around in the dark to find the best spot! The car park was a good area for a while, then behind the wellness centre, then the area outside the hotel on the other side of the car park.

I used a great northern lights apps to take my photos on my phone as I had managed to damage my big camera! It is called the Northern Lights Photo Taker and is the best 99p you will ever spend! We had a fantastic display on and off for about 45 minutes. This was a highlight of the trip!

northern lights over the northern lights inn iceland
The Northern Lights from the Northern Lights Inn

Northern Lights Inn Iceland – Service

The staff were all very friendly. The woman who checked us in was lovely and kept apologizing that we couldn’t check into our rooms – even though it was only 1115am. She immediately organized our airport shuttles and filled us in on the shuttle to the blue lagoon. We were then taken on a tour of the hotel.

Service at dinner was friendly and fast. Best of all was the guy who came around to tell us that the Northern Lights were out! Check out in the morning was fast and easy.

Northern Lights Inn Iceland – The Verdict

I really enjoyed the stay at the Northern Lights Inn Iceland. Having the day at the Blue Lagoon and then staying and being so close to the airport for our 945am flight out the next morning worked perfectly. It is a really comfortable hotel – the large living room areas were a particular highlight. Although of course nothing beats seeing the Northern Lights!

And don’t forget to take your fabulous Northern Light Inn pen with you as a souvenir – you can also use it on your phone/iPad etc!

Click here for Prices and Availability for the Northern Light Inn

Best Hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights – Conclusion

So, my research into the best hotels in Iceland for Northern Lights paid off! To take advantage of the best hotels in Iceland for the Northern Lights I would spend at least 4 nights at Hotel Ranga Hella and then at least one night at the Northern Lights Inn Iceland. I stayed 5 nights across the 2 hotels and managed to see the Northern Lights twice. This was pretty lucky for an 8 night trip to Iceland! Good luck with your own search for the Northern Lights!!

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the upstairs lounge at hotel ranga iceland
My favourite area over the bar

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northern lights over hotel ranga iceland
Northern Lights at Hotel Ranga

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The key objective of my recent trip to Iceland was to see the Northern Lights. It was a friend’s “important” birthday and her key...
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