The Top 15 Ottawa Restaurants in Byward Market

Ottawa restaurants Byward Market side are a foodie highlight of any trip to Canada’s capital. Bytown was Ottawa’s name before it became the capital of Canada in 1857.

While there are plenty of tours in Ottawa, exploring the area for yourself can be a real delight. Let’s move through some of the key restaurant streets in the Byward Market Area.

The dinner menu at Social Ottawa has a nice range of starters and then some socials which are easy to share. These include oysters, charcuterie, cheeses, and seafood.



Ottawa’s Joy on Sussex is a place where locals come for a fun night out or a special drink and one of the highly-rated places to eat in Byward Market.

Joy on Sussex


Play Food and Wine Restaurant Ottawa was created by Stephen Beckta and chef Michael Moffatt who previously ran a very successful restaurant and bar called Beckta.

Play Food and Wine


Restaurant e18hteen has been around for 18 years so this is a safe choice for a tasty night out if you are after a fine dining experience.

Restaurant e18hteen


Sidedoor opened in Byward Market just over 10 years ago. It is known for its tacos and Asian dishes – but it isn’t a Mexican restaurant nor an Asian restaurant.



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