8 Best Things to do in Gangnam That You’ll Love

Gangnam, the trendy area in Seoul, is well-known and loved for many different reasons. From the countless exclusive designer stores to the viral “Gangnam Style” dance, stepping into the streets of the district is quite a surreal experience.

Where to start with Gangnam Seoul attractions? Here are some of the best Gangnam things to do, and all the information that you need to make it happen.

The Gangnam district of Seoul is packed to the brim with well-known international brand stores, such as Nike and Zara, as well as uniquely Korean stores.

Best Gangnam Shopping Spots


Walking through the Gangnam streets gives you an opportunity to visit well-known landmarks, tick off popular attractions, and enjoy the buzz of everyday life.

Walk The Streets Of Gangnam District


Korean Pop has taken the world by storm since Psy’s “Gangnam Style” hit the charts. Dancing to the movements of the famous song at the designated spot outside the station is a must-do.

“Gangnam Style” Dance


Lotte World is a great experience and offers a full day of fun on its own. The large recreation complex includes an aquarium, an adventure world and water park.

Lotte World


Bongeunsa Temple is a Buddist temple that is available to non-practising visitors. Originally founded in 794, the temple’s history expands over more than 1,000 years and offers a tranquil and surreal experience.

Bongeunsa Temple


The underground shopping centre is best known for being the largest underground shopping mall and boasting an impressive wall of books sitting alongside the escalators.

Starfield COEX Mall


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