The 11 Best Sunset Viewing Locations in Glasgow

There’s a spot to see the sunset. After all, dramatic views can be found in nearly every corner of the incredible city that is Glasgow.

These are the best spots offering spectacular views of the sunsets in Glasgow.

River Clyde makes for an incredible sunset viewing location thanks to the man-made structures surrounding the river.

River Clyde


Those views make the Necropolis a great Gothic option to watch a sunset in Glasgow and you won’t go wrong wherever you stand.



The sunset is a perfect reward for either biking or hiking on the rugged trails of Cathkin Braes.

Cathkin Braes


These spots make for great intimate sunset viewing locations, many showcasing the sun escaping behind the trees.

Ruchill Park


If you want to enjoy the sunset in style, with drinks in hand, then head to Radisson RED Sky Bar. It’s a rooftop terrace with a number of delicious dishes and beverages to match.

Radisson RED Sky Bar


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