13 Spectacular Sunflower Fields in Long Island

Long Island is home to one of the best small towns in New York. And with many farms, fields and mazes to visit, you truly can have the best of both worlds when visiting Long Island.

If you’re in the mood for a family-fun farm day but you’re just not sure where to start, here are 13 of the best sunflower fields and farms in Long Island.

Waterdrinker Farm is open from 9am to 5pm everyday, and until sunset on Fridays and Saturdays. Be sure to bring your camera along for the spectacular sunflower sunsets.

Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden


Hand-planted sunflowers and harvest festivals – that’s all you need to know to draw you to this gorgeous little farm. With the help of some volunteers these sunflowers are brought to life.

Manor Farm Sunflower Maze


Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm will entice you with sunflowers of all different colors. From the classic, yet beautiful, yellow flowers to pink, maroon and even white ones.

Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm


Ever seen a sunflower that looked so beautiful you just had to have it? Well, here you don’t have to steal it, simply grab yourself a basket and get picking for $2 a stem.

Pindar Vineyard and Sunflower Fields


This sunny spot is open 7 days a week. So, whenever you get the chance, don’t miss out on Schmitt’s Family Farm. Whether you want to pick some sunflowers or pumpkins, this place is bound to keep you busy.

Schmitt’s Family Farm


At Patty’s, you don’t have to settle for picking only sunflowers, you can pick some fresh (and delicious) berries too. This pet-friendly farm really is the perfect place to go.

Patty’s Berries and Bunches


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