Santorini to Ios: How to get there & Should you Stay in Santorini

When I was in my 20s Ios was known as the party capital of the Greek Islands. The island still attracts a young crowd in the summer.

Here is my guide which will hopefully make getting from Santorini to Ios easier for you!

 If you’re coming from outside the Greek islands the nearest airport to Ios is Santorini. Santorini has a fantastic new airport that has loads of room and places to eat, nice souvenirs etc.

Santorini to Ios – Getting to Santorini


 Santorini Ferry Port is less than 6 miles from Santorini Airport. If you google it you will be told it takes about 20 minutes.

Santorini Airport to Santorini Ferry Port


 It is recommended that you get to arrive at Santorini Ferry Port one hour before your ferry and I would very much agree. The port is chaos. People and cars everywhere and there are many of them.

Santorini Ferry Port


Upon arrival at the Ios Island Ferry port, things are much easier. This is a much smaller ferry port and very easy to navigate. Also, there are quite a few local hoteliers etc all lined up to meet the ferries.

Ios Ferry Port


There are 5 different ferry companies that operate on this route. Travel times vary between 35 minutes and 90 minutes.

Santorini to Ios Ferry Timetable and Options


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