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15 Remarkable Castles in Ohio You Should See at Least Once

Did you know there are some remarkable castles in Ohio? It’s not just fairytale books and idyllic European countries that boast fantastic palaces, historic structures, and mansions.

To help you plan an amazing trip to Europe here are my 45+ Best Places to Visit in Europe.

If you’re traveling through the charming USA states in search of adventure and memories, here’s our list of must-see castles in Ohio.

If you’ve always wanted to sleep in a castle, this could very well be your chance. While not as grand and opulent as other castles around Ohio, this mansion still offers the opportunity for your own fairytale.

Great Stone Castle (Whitby Mansion)


Today, the mansion – which has more than twenty rooms over four stories – is a private family dwelling, so no public access is allowed. But you’re more than welcome to admire it from the Boulevard.

Franklin Castle


The castle – with its three stories and towers, intricate woodwork, and painted ceilings – served as nothing more than a home for Donn and his family. But in 1912, with the original owners gone, the family decided to open it up to public tours.



Mac-O-Chee is closer to the road, and a bit more accessible, Mac-A-Cheek is a little more secluded and smaller than its neighbor. The castle is just as brilliantly designed, however, and tours are open here too.



Grizer Castle has 10 guestrooms, a library fit for a king, a kitchen, a living room, and a grand dining hall. It’s open for events like fairytale weddings or magical birthday parties.

Grizer Castle


There were no blueprints for the castle, and it was built one room at a time, but you’d hardly guess this when you see the fascinating building. Jim’s wife, Marta, convinced her husband to open this castle up as a hotel.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle


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