21 Sensational Sunflower Fields in Ohio Farms, Mazes and More

Sunflower fields in Ohio have five native sunflowers: the Giant sunflower, Sawtooth sunflower, Maximilian sunflower, Ashy sunflower, and Jerusalem artichoke.

And the state has turned sunflower fields in Ohio into a fantastic tourism industry.

First planted in 2014, this sunflower field in Avon, Ohio, is expected to bloom in September 2022. This is in commemoration of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Prayers from Maria


Five acres of sunflowers that only opened in 2020. Admission includes one cut sunflower, and additional sunflowers can be purchased at the Hendren Farm Market.

Hendren Farm Market


This farm in Utica has 37 varieties of apples, 26 varieties of peaches, and a sunflower field. Admission to Branstool Orchards covers everything there and includes two cut flowers.

Branstool Orchards


Hillcrest Orchards in Amherst will run sunflower festivals on September 3rd and 4th and September 10th and 11th in 2022.

Hillcrest Orchards Sunflower Festival


Entry to the sunflower maze at Circle S Farms is included in the standard admission ticket, and cut sunflowers are available but extra. Their season runs from July to mid-August.

Circle S Farms


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