10 Baltimore Attractions Not to Miss

Baltimore has some fantastic things to do. And it came as a surprise to me that so many Baltimore attractions are very photogenic.

From Sherwood Gardens to Pierces Park to the Paper Moon Diner there are so many photogenic attractions to visit in Baltimore. Here are my 10 most Instagram worthy Baltimore Attractions:

Baltimore Graffiti Alley is located a bit north-west of Penn Station behind The Motor House Theatre and one of the Baltimore Points of Interest.

Graffiti Alley


Formerly a blue-collar community Hampden is now the hipster place to be. Hampden has some gorgeous streets with super cute brick rowhouses.



The Painted Ladies appear throughout the area, particularly in the sub-area of Charles Village known as Abell and on Guilford and North Calvert Streets.

The Painted Ladies Baltimore


The home of the American Visionary Art Museum is a mix of mosaics and bricks and glass and stunning features.

American Visionary Art Museum


Sherwood Gardens are best known for their spring tulips but also do beautiful plant things all year round.

Sherwood Gardens


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