What Is Italy Well-Known For? 35 Italian Claim to Fame

I often say it is impossible to have a bad time in Italy as I know I will have fantastic coffee, great food and wonderful wine.

This story really brings to life the many things that I love about Italy and I really enjoyed writing it and bringing to life my passion for my favorite country in the world.

The pizza of Naples has even been recognized by UNESCO as being of inherent cultural importance. Naples is know for the classic tomato and mozzarella pizza.



The Italians have their own methods for ice cream production with top secret recipes and methods that leverage different percentages of air, fat etc.



Rome also had some of the most famous emperors in history including Julius Caesar, Augustus, and more.



Some of the world’s most famous explorers were Italian. Marco Polo, Amerigo Vespucci and even Christopher Colombus was actually born in Italy.



Italy has more World Heritage Sites than any other country. It has 55 UNESCO listed sites in total with 50 based on culture and 5 based on nature.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites


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