29 Fantastic Idaho Hot Springs

If you’re looking for the best Idaho hot springs you’ve come to the right place. Idaho is abundant with incredible natural hot springs for you to explore.

Here we’re going to guide you through the best Idaho Hot Springs. After reading this post, you’ll be able to plan an unforgettable hot-spring hopping holiday.

About 90 minutes outside of Boise City, you’ll find the Rocky Canyon Hot Springs nestled within the Boise National Forest. The best way there is to find the parking lot on Forest Service (FS) Road 698.

Rocky Canyon Hot Springs


When it comes to Boise hot springs, you can’t beat The Springs Hot Springs Resort in the Boise National Forest. The resort is a mere 90-minute drive from downtown Boise.

The Springs Hot Springs Resort


The Pine Flats Hot Springs are a 90-minute drive from downtown Boise and a well-liked tourist attraction. Take the Pine Flats Hot Spring Trail along the river to find these magical springs.

Pine Flats Hot Springs


The Mountain Village Resort in Stanley, Idaho, has a unique hot spring hidden away in an old log cabin. As creepy as that sounds, this spot offers a unique experience.

Mountain Village Resort Hot Spring


For the small price of $10, you can get access to this beautiful collection of natural hot springs surrounded by trees. There are multiple pools for you to choose from, each at varying temperatures.

Gold Fork Hot Springs


Lava Hot Springs will be like heaven on earth to you if you’re a hot spring fanatic. The resort is home to five outdoor hot spring pools that are open every day of the year.

Lava Hot Springs Resort


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