31 Facts About Venice You Probably Don’t Know

When you think of Venice, water and gondolas are probably the first things to come to mind. And yes, this is a city that was built on water and the gondolas do still transport tourists in particular around the city.

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There is much more to Venice than gondola rides. Here are interesting and fun facts about Venice.

They were fleeing from and trying to protect themselves against conquerors.

The history of Venice starts when settlers first arrived on the islands around 402 A.D


Many of the buildings today are still resting on the same piles of wood that were laid there 1000 years ago.  This is because the wood was underwater and, surprisingly, it did not rot.

Venice still stands on its Original Foundations


Over the years, the foundation of mud and wood that Venice was built on has been slowly pushed downward, pressing out water and tamping down the soil. Over the past 100 years, the city has sunk about 9 inches.

Venice is sinking


There are 118 islands in the Venetian lagoon. Since there are so many islands in the Venetian lagoon, numerous islands separate from the main island and center of the city to visit.

Venice is an archipelago


These small streets, called Calli, are famous around the world and are well-known for their uniqueness. The smallest calli, called Calle Varisco, is a whopping 53cm wide.

Venice has 3,000 streets


Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Loredan Piscopia was born in Venice in 1646. She graduated in Venice with a PhD and became the first woman to graduate.

The world’s first female graduate was born in Venice


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