Everything You Need to Know to Have Fun Travelling Alone

Once you start traveling alone it is amazing how many people you meet as well as others in your life that come forward and issue invitations.

Anyway, you’re not at this point yet but I wanted to offer the comfort that you are not destined to take every holiday alone for the rest of your life.

My first over 40 singles holidays was an organized yoga week in Italy. Everyone arrived the same day and it was for a week.

Do Something Organised


Most retreats have a purpose – fitness, relaxation, yoga etc which gives a plan to the week that helps visitors to feel less lonely.

Head to a Spa/fitness/yoga Etc Retreat


This is good because most people won’t approach someone obviously reading a book. But if it is just headphones they won’t realise until they approach you that you have them in.



The great thing about doing a blog is that it gives you a sense of purpose when you are travelling on your own.

Create a Blog


Americans are much more likely to chat away to someone on their own and much more likely to keep a conversation going.

Consider the USA


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