8 Delightful Cartagena Boutique Hotels You Won’t Want to Leave

Nestled on Colombia’s Caribbean coast and teeming with restaurants, shops, and nightlife, Cartagena is a true gem for all who visit. This gorgeous, historic city is centuries old and superbly preserved.

I’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best boutique hotels in Cartagena, Colombia to make your getaway as special and hassle-free as possible.

Hotel Quadrifolio is the perfect luxury getaway for you. This boutique hotel is beautifully decorated with tasteful colonial-style architecture and furnishings with all the special touches of South American culture.

Hotel Quadrifolio


This beautiful building is in the heart of the old town and has every amenity you could need or want. Hotel Capellán is a wonderful romantic hotel and screams elegant luxury.

Hotel Capellán


Rooms at Hotel Casa Don Sancho by Mustique Cartagena are framed by gorgeous Victorian-style shutters and the lush greenery of the garden, creating the perfect peaceful atmosphere.

Hotel Casa Don Sancho By Mustique


With only 7 rooms, it allows for an intimate and personal feel. As well as an opportunity to meet other guests. At Casa La Cartujita you will undoubtedly eat like a king with the complimentary American breakfast.

Casa La Cartujita


This Cartagena boutique hotel boasts a beautiful garden terrace, an infinity pool and a bar. This hotel has managed to seamlessly combine colonial architecture with sustainable influences.

Hotel Boutique Casona del Colegio


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