Art Hotel Medellin Review

The Art Hotel Medellin has to be one of the most fun and quirky places that I have ever stayed in. This Medellin Colombia hotel is very true to its name.

The Art Hotel Medellin Colombia is a stunning mix of exposed brick, polished concrete, and lots of windows.

I used the national carrier Avianca several times and found them very safe, good service and quality, and very reasonably priced.

Art Hotel Medellin – Getting To Medellin and Around


The beds at the Art Hotel were comfortable and the thread count on the sheets just made it to the acceptable level. They were nice big twin beds.

Art Hotel Medellin: The Rooms


The breakfast and bar staff were lovely. The front desk was helpful but I was a bit shocked when I was told that they had run out of maps.

Art Hotel Boutique Medellin: Service


Breakfast was a buffet. I highly recommend the beans. There was also a sort of pancake-shaped local bread. The lovely waitress showed me what to do with this.

The Art Hotel Medellin: Food and Drinks


Overall the highlights of the Art Hotel Medellin are the fantastic 6th-floor area, the art design, and the brilliant location.

The Verdict


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