83 European Bucket List Ideas for Travellers

Many of the best places for bucket list travel are in Europe. So why not plan a European trip of a lifetime which ticks off as many European bucket list destinations as possible?

Here are 83 European Bucket List Ideas for travellers to get you started.

Instead of setting your mind on seeing the Northern Lights, think of the travelling experience as an Aurora hunt.

Experience the Northern Lights in Iceland


Damaged by the natural elements, the Colosseum is the largest structure surviving from ancient Rome.

The Colosseum in Rome


Montepulciano is quite frankly heaven for wine lovers. This stunning hilltop Tuscan town is ridiculously beautiful and it is just filled with wine.

Drink at an Italian Wine Bar in Montepulciano


The reason that Fort William has become the outdoor capital of the United Kingdom is that it is home to Britain’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis.

Climb the UK’s Highest Mountain, Ben Nevis in Scotland


The idyllic weather, charming streets and natural beauty have been drawing people from all parts of the globe to the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy


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