8 Great Restaurants in Barangaroo Not to Miss

The restaurants in Barangaroo are now some of Sydney’s hottest. Barangaroo is a relatively new very exciting neighbourhood in Sydney.

Best of all, Barangaroo is home to some of the most exciting and interesting Sydney restaurants and a crucial part of any Sydney Itinerary.

Banksii Barangaroo is one of the hottest restaurants on Barangaroo Avenue. The food is modern Australian but then it also has a “Vermouth” bar.

Banksii Barangaroo


Love Fish Barangaroo is located on the waterfront. As per its name, there is a fantastic selection of Aussie fish treats as well as a few meat options.

Love Fish


Bel & Brio is deservedly well known for its outstanding pizza which is served in the ground floor restaurant.

Bel & Brio


On the European front, Anason is a Greek restaurant on Barangaroo Avenue with super cute bright blue gorgeous wicker chairs to help you feel like you are in Mykonos.



Wild Sage is modern Australian eating at its best. The restaurant itself is very contemporary and light with loads of glass.

Wild Sage


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