8 Best Things to do in Lower Manhattan By a Local

On your way to the same attraction everyone else sees, you might zoom right past one of these undetected, authentic, and often cheaper destinations.

For those tired of crowded tourist hubs and wishing to see New York through a native’s eyes, here are 8 lesser-known things to do in Lower Manhattan.

Matcha, a green tea extract drink with minimal caffeine originating from japan, is known for its vivid green color.

Things to do in Lower Manhattan – Drink Matcha & Bubble Tea


Happy statues of pot-bellied, mustachioed men advertise their extensive menus in the culture hub Little Italy.

Explore Manhattan Neighbourhoods Little Italy & Chinatown


The building appears boring and office-like on the outside, but this couldn’t be further from the truth when you realize the treasures inside.

Chelsea Market


Built to commemorate 9/11 and to replace the PATH trains destroyed by the attack, the Oculus symbolizes the light that shines through after the darkness of tragedy.

Hudson Eats & The Oculus


Everyone knows about shopping on Broadway, but not many know about the sustainable and urban culture of thrifting in NYC.

Go Thrifting


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