7 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas in May (2023)

Las Vegas in May offers several notable party days, including one celebrating Mexican heritage and one honoring Polynesian and Pacific ethnicities.

Vegas also hosts a few particular annual and once-off events that are great to participate in if you happen to be in town at that time. Here are a few major items to pencil in on your calendar.

You’ll be able to see groups of Polynesian and Pacific Island Americans dancing and singing. Many of the dances performed form part of ancient rituals.

Lei Day Parade — Downtown Summerlin


Most venues will offer specials, live music, a DJ, and parties that will rival any that can be thrown legally in the continental US.

Cinco de Mayo 2022 Las Vegas


This celebration sees a carnival and parade of cowboys, Wild West-themed floats, walkers, bands, and takes place downtown on Third Street.

Las Vegas Days Parade And Rodeo


It’s a dance festival that runs for three straight days, featuring DJs, art, and carnival-style attractions.

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas


One of the ways in which the city shows its love is by offering significant discounts to all members and ex-members of the armed forces.

Memorial Day in Las Vegas


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