37 Stunning Landmarks of London Not to Miss by a Londoner

It is difficult to think of Paris without imaging the Eiffel Tower, New York without the Empire State Building – and of course the most iconic of the Landmarks of London, Big Ben.

These are my must sees that I recommend to friends who visit and now to you!

The tower was completed in 1859. At that time it was the largest and most accurate clock in the world. Big Ben became a UNESCO listed site in 1987.

Big Ben


Westminster Palace is 900 years old. From 1087 to 1100 the Palace of Westminster was the home of the monarch and the Palace of Westminster is still owned by the Crown.

Palace of Westminster


Westminster Abbey is still a working church today. It is also open to the public. The Royal Tombs and the Poet’s Corner are the most popular sections.

Westminster Abbey


Buckingham Palace is still very much a working palace. It regularly plays a large role in major events in the United Kingdom.

Buckingham Palace


Kensington Palace was the royal residence for Prince Charles and Princess Diana and was very much known as Diana’s home in London.

Kensington Palace – England 


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