29 Best Views of NYC (2023) See the City From a New Perspective

There are many breathtaking locations from which to observe the famous Manhattan skyline. So before you head off on a road trip from NYC to Florida, look at our list of amazing New York sights.

If you’re looking for locations in New York with the best views, keep reading and pay attention!

The expansive views of New York City from this vantage point uniquely make the city’s massive skyscrapers appear smaller.

One World Observatory


The Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere and one of New York’s newest outdoor viewing areas rises 100 storeys above the Manhattan pavements.

The Edge


You can enjoy breathtaking views of lower Manhattan and midtown while strolling along the High Line’s abandoned elevated train tracks.

The High Line


The Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian walkway, which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, offers sweeping views of the entire city from downtown to midtown.

Brooklyn Bridge


You can get the best views of the park’s most well-known locations from its two balconies, including the Great Lawn, Turtle Pond, and Delacorte Theater.

Belvedere Castle


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