25 Interesting Things to Do in Positano (2023) You’ll Love

With its colorful buildings, stunning beaches, and delicious food, it’s no wonder why Positano has become a popular destination for travelers worldwide.

From views to food to shopping to seafood to boat trips to more food there are some fantastic and tasty things to do in Positano. Here are my top 15.

Positano is perhaps most famous for its views. The view from Positano over the Amalfi Coast is spectacular and the view of Positano from the water is also wonderful.

Take in the View


It is the perfect spot for a long lazy lunch on a sunny day and you can swim before or after your meal.

Take the boat to Da Adolfo for lunch


It is one of the most upmarket hotels in town. And it has a fantastic gelato shop next door that sells an outstanding lemon sorbet served in an actual lemon.

Eat Lemon Sorbet in a Lemon


The town is known for its handmade leather sandals and you will see several stores advertising these. Nana has a good name and a good range.

Go Shopping


There are multiple places along the way (weather dependent) where your boat can lay anchor and you can jump in and enjoy the water.

Take a boat trip to Capri


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