15 Sunflower Fields in Illinois Farms and Gardens

Are you flying into Chicago for a vacation in Illinois? Alongside the architecture, art, and beautiful blue water beaches, this windy city offers sunflower fields on the farms nearby.

So be sure to explore a picturesque sunflower field in Illinois during your trip.

Von Bergen’s hosts a Sunflower Festival with over 30 acres of sunflower fields, opening with a maze toward the beginning of July each year.

Von Bergen’s Country Market


Travel from Chicago to the pet-friendly M & D Farm’s jaw-dropping sunflower fields located 30 miles from Chicago.

M & D Farms and Garden Center


The farm has 2200 acres of fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you time your visit during the harvest, you can pick zinnias, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and more.

Stade’s Farm and Market


Explore the corn maze, soybean maze, kids playground, and more for a fun-filled time. The farm is picturesque and has over 5 acres of sunflowers and a zinnia patch.

Heap’s Pumpkin Farm


The farm offers visitors a chance to take photos or cut sunflowers from a four-acre field.

Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch


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