15 Best Northern California Hot Springs You Shouldn't Miss

The hot springs northern California has on offer boast mineral-rich waters, which are said to have healing and calming properties.

These are the best  Northern California hot springs you must visit to get rejuvenated to the max.

The resort boasts naturally warm waters, which are North America’s only carbonated springs.

Vichy Springs Resort, Ukiah


It’s an off-the-grid health sanctuary featuring waters that have been used by Native Americans for their healing properties for thousands of years.

Wilbur Hot Springs, William


It’s surrounded by a magnificent landscape and features several hot springs which feature healing mineral waters.

Orr Hot Springs, Ukiah


It’s surrounded by nature and now features several springs and pools that guests can enjoy when they visit.

Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown


Sykes Hot Springs is a free remote soaking spot located near Big Sur. It can only be reached after a 10-mile long hike from the trailhead at Big Sur Station.

Sykes Hot Springs, Big Sur


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