11 Amazing Places to Watch the Sunset in Edinburgh

If you’re travelling in Scotland, these sunset destinations should definitely be added to your bucket list.

The places in this list offer breathtaking views of the city where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

This spot has a lovely open-air terrace adorned with hanging plants. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, so it’s an excellent place for a date or friendly dinner.

Cold Town House


This bar is super hip and you’ll love dining on good food and cocktails while you welcome the dusk light. Cask Smugglers is a must-visit.

Cask Smugglers


Calton Hill is in central Edinburgh and super easy to get to. If you’re not up for a stroll, you can also drive to the top and park your car as the sun begins to set.

Calton Hill


Known as Queen’s Park or King’s Park, Holyrood is dotted with glens, hills, and ridges just east of Edinburgh Castle.

Holyrood Park


The mountain sits over two hundred meters above sea level, offering spectacular views of Edinburgh from its summit.

Arthur’s Seat


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