10 Best National Parks In The Western United States (2023)

From magnificent rainbow sandstone to sublime canyons and steamy freshwater geysers, the variety of geological features makes each visit a memorable experience for the adventurous traveler.

Read on to find a complete list of the best national parks in the western United States, what you can do there, and the best routes.

If you’re looking to dip your feet in some sparkling rivers, spot wildlife like coyotes and lynxes, and explore breathtaking canyons, this park is for you!

Yellowstone National Park


This park is known for its striking rock formations, amazing backcountry trails, scenic photography spots, and impressive waterfalls.

Yosemite National Park


Today, beautiful staircase valleys, crystal rivers, diverse wildlife, and snowy peaks make the Grand Teton National Park one of America’s most attractive protected zones.

Grand Teton National Park


Zion National Park is worth visiting with its sharp peaks, twisting canyons, and rainbow rocks.

Zion National Park


If you love the ocean and want to spend some time enjoying the cool seaside breeze, look no further than Channel Islands National Park.

Channel Islands National Park


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