7 Fantastic Wineries on Santorini You’ll Love

When I first heard about wineries on Santorini and its famous assyrtiko grape I thought wine from such a warm climate can’t possibly taste good. I am delighted to tell you that I was completely wrong.

Here, I am going to focus on the wineries of Santorini and cover the types of wines the island produces, how to plan your wine tastings and of course the wineries you must not miss.

Santo Wines produces over 500,000 bottles of wine a year as well as food products. Our tasting included 5 wines and a wonderful platter of cheese from Crete, local meats, local tomatoes and bread sticks.

Santo Wines


Hatzidakis Winery has a more traditional tasting experience with oak tables next to barrels in the cave. The tasting includes 6 wines and a cheese platter. This is a great place to try a classic assyrtiko or Santorini wine.

 Hatzidikas Winery


Opening in 2012, Anhydrous is one of the newer wineries on the island. The tasting covers 5 wines – white, red and rose. It was accompanied by some of the most impressive snacks of any of the wineries I visited.

Anhydrous Winery


The Art Space Winery first began producing wine in 1861. Today it is run by the third generation. This combination of cave, art gallery and wine makes for a unique tasting environment. Our tasting covered 4 wines and snacks.

Art Space Winery


Artemis Karamolegos is an organic farm with wine making traditions dating back to 1952. The winery entered the Santorini wine market in 2004 and they are now the third largest winery on Santorini.

Artemis Karamolegos


Domaine Sigalas produces more than 200,000 bottles of wine each year. Their tastings are held otuside literally in the vineyards which is a unique and lovely experience.

Domaine Sigalas


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