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26 Top Things to do in Inverness You’ll Love

Lovely Inverness in Scotland is the gateway city to the stunning Scottish Highlands. But it would be a huge mistake to only have a flying visit to Inverness.

There are loads of fantastic things to do in Inverness and around the city. It definitely warrants a couple of days of your visit to Scotland at least.

As it is Scotland there are of course many castles to visit. Inverness Castle unsurprisingly has an amazing location on top of Inverness with the views you would expect.

See Inverness Castle


St Andrews Cathedral, or Inverness Cathedral as it is sometimes known, sits close to the River Ness. It was the first new Protestant cathedral to be completed in the United Kingdom since the Reformation.

Visit St Andrews Cathedral


Velocity is both a cafe and a bicycle shop in Inverness. It is a very cute café and most importantly it has very good specialty coffee. They also have a tasty vegan menu and it is a very cosy cafe.

Enjoy a Specialty Coffee


This covered market sits right in the centre of Inverness. The Victorian Market first opened in 1870. Today it is home to shops, cafes and restaurants and even two barbers.

Go shopping at Victorian Market


Scotland’s largest second hand bookshop feels like something out of Harry Potter. Leakey’s Bookshop stocks over 100,000 books and has a wonderful wood burning fire in the middle of the store.

Search for a treasure at Leakey’s Bookshop


If you’re keen to learn more about Inverness and the Scottish Highlands then head to Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. The permanent collection about the museum covers all elements of life.

Visit Inverness Museum and Art Gallery


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