The Top 17 Cathedrals in NYC and New York State

There are an estimated 2,000 churches in New York, with dozens designated as cathedrals.

Here are the most famous cathedrals in NYC and New York State!

The cathedral itself is 200 years old and stands on Mulberry Street, its entrance on Mott Street. A new St. Patrick’s was constructed in 1858.

Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral 


St. James was founded in 1822 — it is, in fact, the oldest official catholic church in the NY area.

Cathedral Basilica of St. James


Located in central Albany, this cathedral serves as the seat of the Episcopal Bishop of Albany. It is also the central church for the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

Cathedral of All Saints


The remarkable cathedral church is the world’s sixth-largest in terms of area. This makes it an ideal venue for many religious and community-based events.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine


The cathedral was opened in 1891, but not at this location. It has been on the Upper East Side since 1932.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity


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