The Best 26 Things to do in Inverness You'll Love

Lovely Inverness in Scotland is the gateway city to the stunning Scottish Highlands. But it would be a huge mistake to only have a flying visit to Inverness.

As you will see in this story, there are loads of fantastic things to do in Inverness and around the city. It definitely warrants a couple of days of your visit to Scotland at least.

 Inverness Castle unsurprisingly has an amazing location on top of Inverness with the views you would expect.

See Inverness Castle


Inverness Cathedral has 10 bells. Their claim to fame is that they are the most northerly change-ringing bells in a church in the world.

Visit St Andrews Cathedral


Start your walk from just below Inverness Castle and enjoy the beautiful houses, restaurants, churches and even Ness Islands as you walk and wander.

Take a stroll along Ness Walk


Velocity is both a cafe and a bicycle shop in Inverness. It is a very cute café and most importantly it has very good specialty coffee.

Enjoy a Specialty Coffee


You can rent a kilt in Inverness! And why wouldn’t you? Imagine how much more fun your photos would be if you were wearing a kilt?

Rent a Kilt


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