The 22 Famous Bridges in London by a Londoner

This includes everything from charming pubs on the riverside in west London to heading down the Thames on the Clipper to getting the best views of the Thames.

So here are 22 of the most famous bridges in London.

Take a look behind the scenes at the famous bridge and discover areas such as the machinery room, which houses the hydraulic system that allows the bridge to rise for river traffic.

Tower Bridge


Albert Bridge is my personal favorite London bridge as it is just so pretty – a word that I never expected to use to describe a bridge.

Albert Bridge


Chelsea Bridge was opened in 1937 by the Canadian Prime Minister at the time Mackenzie King. He was in London for the coronation of King George VI.

Chelsea Bridge


Waterloo Bridge is the longest bridge in london at 1,230 feet long and it was the first to incorporate electric lights.

Waterloo Bridge


There have been four different bridges at this location since AD 50. The current version of London Bridge was built in 1973.

London Bridge


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