The 14 Stunning Wineries in McLaren Vale You Must Visit

From the rolling hills of the Fleurieu Peninsula to the Rockpools of the Eyre peninsula, the crescendo-ing vineyards of the Barossa Valley; they all have nothing on the wineries of Mclaren Vale.

This south-central state of Australia is home to world class vineyards, wineries and cellar doors alike.

Down the rabbit hole offers exceptional a la carte options for their guests, like the longboard assortment of cheeses, biscuits, quince paste, and of course a bottle of red.

Down the Rabbit Hole


D’arenberg history goes back to 1912, and the family legacy and history carries on to this day. This one of a kind winery certainly ranks high as one of the best wineries of McLaren vale.



Built out of old shipping containers and turned into a modern and unique open style winery, Dowie Doole certainly holds its place amongst the best wineries of McLaren vale.

Dowie Doole


They hold the oldest, continual presence of grape growing and wine-making anywhere in the country.

Hugh Hamilton


Serafino also has a lovely 4 star hotel – a perfect place to stay in McLaren Vale and the shortest walk to the cellar door!

Serafino Winery


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