Texas's 23 Must-See Landmarks | History, Art, and Science

Lots of landmarks in Texas are in some way dedicated to this spirit. But there’s a lot more to Texas than just fighting.

Whether your interests are historical, military, scientific or purely trivial, there’s a landmark in Texas that should pique your interest.

It is the site of a famous battle during the Texas revolution in 1836. During the battle, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna of the Mexican forces laid siege to the fort.

The Alamo


The art installation is in an open field and is free to anyone to visit, with no fences, lines or restrictive amenities of any kind.

Cadillac Ranch


There’s something quite intriguing about seeing the inside of a battleship, and the USS Texas was a museum that allows you the experience.

USS Texas


This National Historic Landmark District consists of Victorian-era buildings in the heart of Galveston.

Strand Historic District


The entire attraction is akin to a retelling of what life in Texas might have been like during the frontier years.

Fort Worth Stockyards


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