9 Best Places See the Sunset Perth Style You Won’t Want to Miss

From balmy hot, dry summers to mild, crisp winters, Perth is no stranger to great weather, perfect for any outdoorsy activities. Moreover, the city is arguably one of the best places to watch the sunset.

Let’s take a look at some of the top places to watch the sunsets in Perth.

Located on Gooseberry Hill, Zig Zag Scenic Drive has arguably one of the best panoramic views overlooking the Swan Coastal Plain and Perth’s city below.

Zig Zag Scenic Drive


The lookout point offers sweeping views of the city below and is the perfect place to watch both sunrise and sunset.

Lions Lookout


Perth may be the largest city on the west coast of Australia, but it boasts plenty of outdoor parks, and Colonial Gardens is the perfect green space to watch the sunset.

Colonial Gardens


It’s one of the largest city parks in the world and offers plenty of walking trails, hidden lookouts, and seating areas. A great place to catch the sunset here is Fraser Avenue.

Kings Park


One of Perth’s top panoramic views overlooking the city and beyond is at Lesmurdie Falls. Perched up in the hills, you can watch the sunset from your car seat.

Lesmurdie Falls


If you’re keen on some sundowners at sunset, the best place to go is Scarborough Beach.

Scarborough Sunset Hill


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