11 Spectacular Places for you to experience the Sunset Edinburgh style

Edinburgh’s got a creative spirit, vibrant nightlife, and charm to spare. One of the most gorgeous cities in all of the United Kingdom, this hilly Scottish capital boasts impeccable views.

If you’re travelling in Scotland, these sunset destinations should definitely be added to your bucket list.

Good drinks go hands in hand with a sunset viewing, and Cold Town House has got you covered in both those departments. Sip on delicious cocktails, share a stone-fire pizza and enjoy the live music on offer.

Cold Town House


Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh Scotland is Cask Smugglers, a hip rooftop bar with a speakeasy vibe and an extensive whiskey collection. Fill up on street food style dishes and Old Fashions while you bathe in the sunset colours.

Cask Smugglers


It’ll only take you five minutes to walk to the top of Calton Hill, and the pay-off is enormous. You’ll be able to see some of Scotland’s iconic landmarks from the 360-view on Calton.

Calton Hill


Also known as Queen’s Park or King’s Park, Holyrood is dotted with glens, hills, and ridges just east of Edinburgh Castle. Salisbury Crags offers one of the best viewpoints in the park for watching the Edinburgh sunset.

Holyrood Park


Arthur’s Hill is a stunning mountain and the highest point in Holyrood Park. The mountain sits over two hundred meters above sea level, offering spectacular views of Edinburgh from its summit.

Arthur’s Seat


The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is super romantic and a lovely place to take a stroll. You’ll see loads of colourful flowers, pristinely manicured lawns, magnificent greenhouses, and a nursery on the property.

Royal Botanic Garden


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