101+ Amazing Places in California You’ll Want to Visit

Beautiful California is undoubtedly a fantastic place to visit. The state is home to a jaw dropping number of natural and man made attractions.

Whether you’re a fan of nature or city life there are loads of places in California that will suit your interests. In this guide we cover over 101 fantastic places to visit in California.

Lakes in Southern California are a popular option - there are about 3000 of them. Some are naturally-formed, others man-made. Some are classified as lakes, while others are referred to as reservoirs.

Southern California


California is a massive state filled with many important landmarks. The coast of California hugs the breathtaking Pacific Ocean while the interior is filled with National Parks and charming cities.

California Landmarks


Diego are known for their photogenic pink and purple shades but it is said that the most beautiful San Diego sunsets take place in the fall and winter months.

San Diego Sunsets


Sunsets are one of the most magical moments on this planet. San Francisco’s landscape offers multiple ways to witness the sunset with a range of iconic backdrops to accompany it.

San Francisco Sunsets


Northern California, or NorCal as it’s affectionately known, is full of attractions as well as natural splendours that attract hordes of visitors yearly.

Northern California


The city of San Francisco is home to quite a few famous landmarks and popular tourist attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco's Bay Area is simply bursting with adventures, foodie-delights and sights to behold.

Bay Area


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