Discover the 13 Best Hot Springs in Oregon for Soaking in Nature

Hot springs are found dotted throughout these beautiful regions. Rich with minerals, the heated groundwater allows visitors to enjoy an incredible soak in nature.

Here are the top 13 hot springs in Oregon that will take your breath away.

One of the springs is partially enclosed by a primitive wooden structure that protects you from the elements. They decrease in temperature the closer you get to the river.

Umpqua Hot Spring


The property offers overnight accommodation in many different forms, like camping, cabins, bunkhouses, suites, and more.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs


This rugged area in southern Oregon is full of cliffs, canyons, grasslands, and wildlife. There are two hot springs for visitors to enjoy.

Hart Mountain Hot Springs


These geothermal pools are located about a 0.5 km walk from Forest Service Road 19, which is also called Aufderheide Memorial Drive.

Terwilliger Hot Springs


The spot features one hot pool that’s located just a short walk from the parking area. Given how accessible it is, it stays pretty popular.

Bigelow Hot Springs


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