Discover Paris at Night | 27 Things To Fall in Love With

Paris is known by many names: the city of love, and the city of lights. The city is, above all else, a true melting pot of fashion, art, and culture.

It’s no surprise that, just like love and lights, the city comes alive at night. Join me and we’ll discover what makes Paris at night a euphoric experience.

Watch the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower, or feast your eyes on the setting sun from a few other equally iconic places.

Find the Perfect Sunset Spot


Although the highlight — or at least one of them — of any daytime adventure in Paris, watching the tower illuminate once the sun sets is pure magic.

Experience an Eiffel Tower Illumination


Cruises down the Seine are a must for any trip to Paris.

Go on a Cruise Down the Seine


The Louvre Museum is a thing of beauty and one of the most famous museums in the world.

Visit The Louvre


The Palais Garnier and the Opera de Bastille are the two main opera houses in the city, and Opera de Paris runs both.

Indulge in a Ballet Performance at the Opera


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