Day Trip to Brighton for Adults

Brighton and nearby Hove merged to become one city in 2000.

Hove is Brighton’s slightly quieter neighbor and it is here that you will see the famous beach huts and the best collection of Regency Architecture.

The Royal Pavilion is quite a shock when you first see it. It really does look like it has been airlifted out of Istanbul and sent to Brighton.

Brighton’s Royal Pavilion


No Brighton Day Trip would be complete without heading to Brighton Pier. This is perhaps the most famous pier in the UK and it is LOUD.

 Brighton Pier


The first thing to know about Brighton Beach is that even though it is called a beach it does not have any sand – it has pebbles so you definitely want shoes.

Brighton Beach


Take the clifftop walk for more spectacular scenery or walk along the beachfront to savor the smells and sounds of the sea.

 Take the Clifftop walk between Brighton pier and Rottingdean


Brighton is famous for its wonderful examples of Regency Architecture.

 Appreciate the Architecture


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