45+ Best Places to Visit in Europe You’ll Love

Austria Itinerary: 10 Days with a focus on Glorious Graz

Austria is often underrated. I feel it can be so closely associated with Germany that it often gets left behind as a must-see European country.

This is such a shame as when it comes to what to do in Austria there are so many fantastic options. I have now visited Austria 4 times and am always finding new and outstanding places to visit in Austria.

Vienna is located in the east of Austria on the Danube River and the best way to kick off 10 days in Austria.

Day One – Vienna


Start your day with Classical Music and Horses. Watch the training of grey young stallions as well as the fully trained stallions in the stunning Winter Riding School, all with the soundtrack of classical Viennese music.

Day Two – Vienna


Head to Salzburg in the morning for maximum exploring time. It is a stunning city – and this was possibly one of the reasons it was chosen to appear in the iconic Sound of Music movie – more on that to come.

Day Three – Head to Salzburg


In the city centre is the Palace of Mirabell where the Do-Re-Mi scene was shot and St Peter’s Cemetery was where the tension-filled shots towards the end of the Sound of Music were filmed.

Day Four – Salzburg


The average train journey between Salzburg and Innsbruck is about 2 hours and there are around 18 trains daily. Start your time Innsbruck by exploring its lovely old town.

Day Five – Head to Innsbruck


Start your day by heading to the fantastic Nordkette. Nordkette kicks off from a Hadid designed station that is already instagram worthy.

Day Six – Innsbruck


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