9 Best Places to see the Sunrise In London from a Londoner

The best way to catch the sunrise in real-time is to know exactly what time, and in what direction, it will be rising from. Take a look at the best times the sun will rise in London.

Now, let’s take a squizz through the top places to watch London’s break of day – in no particular order.

It’s nestled in one of London’s many parks, and the beautiful green space invites locals and visitors alike to enjoy its phenomenal sunrises and sunsets.

Primrose Hill


Seizing a beautiful morning sunrise at Hyde Park is the best way to start your day. The perfectly manicured London parkland is peaceful in the early morning.

Hyde Park


It’s London’s largest Royal Park covering an area of 2500 acres and boasting stunning vistas of wide-open spaces, clusters of deer herds, and rolling grasslands.

Richmond Park


Its highest point is only 139 metres and it is at Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Heath is beloved by Londoners.

Hampstead Heath


Lovely Greenwich Park is a great place to watch the sunrise in London for most of the year. Head to The Royal Observatory for the best views of the London skyline.

Greenwich Park


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