8 Best Places To Watch Sedona Sunsets

One of North America’s magnificent mountain states, Arizona’s desert terrain provides the perfect backdrop for a picturesque sunset.

This story lists the most picturesque lookouts and trails from which to watch the sunset in Sedona.

The views are exceptional, but it’s also the vortex in this area to which much of its appeal is attributed.

Airport Mesa Road: Sedona Airport Vortex


It’s a moderately difficult hike up the Cathedral Rock trail, but the view from the top will exceed your expectations.

Cathedral Rock


The Vultee Arch trail will take you through about five miles of desert wilderness, culminating in the traversal of a huge red rock bridge passing over a canyon.

Vultee Arch


Bell Rock provides a unique activity for every member of the family, not to mention incredible sunset views from over 4000 feet (1219 meters) above the ground.

Bell Rock


Schnebly Hill Trail encompasses all the best components of the Sedona landscape.

Schnebly Hill Vista


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