8 Best Earlsfield Restaurants And Cafes

Earlsfield is rapidly becoming a London foodie destination. Craft beer, roasting coffee beans on-site, and ruthless turn over on poor performing restaurants have all kicked in.

The majority of restaurants and cafes are to the left but there some good choices (including my number one recommendation!). Left or right is flagged for each restaurant and café.

The menu at the Jolly Gardener Earlsfield is a nice mix of pub classics done very well and more contemporary offerings like Pork Belly.

The Jolly Gardener Earlsfield – BEST CHOICE FOR DINNER


This relatively new café has a unique location – it is inside a working church.

Home Community Café Earlsfield – BEST CHOICE FOR LUNCH


 Bean & Hop Earlsfield are also focused on local suppliers where possible, offering brunch and cakes every day.

Bean & Hop Earlsfield – BEST CHOICE FOR COFFEE


This place is gorgeous. It is made up of several beautifully decorated rooms.

The Eclectic Collection – BEST CHOICE FOR BRUNCH


Belle Amie is a super cute instagrammable café very close to the station. It has a great brunch menu and good coffee.

Belle Amie Earlsfield


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